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शनिवार, अप्रैल 16, 2005

ब्राझाव्ह्हील मधून update


कॉंगो मधे आलो आहे खरा, पण सध्यातरी ढू वर बसून होतो. भरपूर वेळ असल्यामुळे phonetic
english -> देवनागरी converter लिहून टाकला.

बरेच दिवस लिहिण्याचा विचार होता, आणी आता वेळ सुद्ध मिळला, अणी python शिकायची खाज
पण होती - सगळ एकत्र उरकल.

पुधच्या रविवारी हिंडायला जाणार आहे जवळपासच्या जंगलात. Photo व Video मी Stockholm
ला परतलो की मगच.

ह्या आठवड्यात कामाची शेवटी सुरवात झाली, त्यामुळे पुढचा आठवडा भर काम आहे (नशीबानी)

Devanagri-ized with

गुरुवार, मार्च 31, 2005

First Post (from Brazzaville ;)

Yep - got here. Nice place, though a bit too humid at times for my liking. A
bit like Mumbai tho far less crowded and far cleaner (and greener).

Brazzaville is on the (north) bank of the Congo river, across the river is
Kinshasa (the capital of the DR Congo)

Project on-site work has started happenning. Also got a cellphone number -
+242 568 3198. Hopefully there'll be something interesting to blog about
soon, or else this blog will end up like its predecessor (i.e. deleted ;)

~h (mail2blog)

सोमवार, मार्च 28, 2005

Off to Africa!


I'm off to Africa (specifically - to Brazzaville, Congo) for a Project. I'll be there for about 6 weeks (till approx. 15th of May). Check this blog for updates!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to travel around (work first).

-- hrishi (22:21 28/03-2005 for the devnagri impaired)

Yippie ya yo! New blog (take two :)

Yep - a second try at blogging. Hope this one has a better fate than the
previous (Deleted) ones ...